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Precision-Rolled Metallic Foils/ Plates

'Precision Rolling' is manufacturing technology to squeeze metals to less than 0.1mm in thickness and ultimately to produce micron meter level thickness foils.

RIKAZAI started metal processing business in 1947, to pursue infinite opportunities of metallic foils/ plates in industry. Since then, RiKAZAI produced and delivered ultra thin titanium foils for spacers, and various thin metallic foils / plates for standard plates of measurement apparatus.
Besides, RIKAZAI has offered wide spectrum of spring materials, contact materials, electrical resistance films, rupture disks and vibration boards for speakers at designated thickness, size and other mechanical spec., with our accumulated know-how and distinguished expertise.

Precision-Rolled Metallic Foils/ Plates

Accuracy of thickness is crucial for precisely rolled metals and is required at any point of foils/ plates within specified tolerance. Expertise cultivated over years through rolling operation of titanium foils for spacers passes on to younger manufacturing technicians, which makes +/- 2% tolerances of thickness possible.

This expertise is also employed for Standard plate manufacturing for measurement apparatus and responds to customers' requirements of +/- 1% tolerance of thickness (as special dimensional specification) in beryllium copper alloy and pure iron products. In addition, RIKAZAI can respond to customers' foil thickness requirements of SUS304 and phosphor bronze at every 0.001mm thickness for precise shim/ spacer application, while 0.001mm ultra thin titanium foils are available for spacer application.

Variety of Materials (Application by Materials)

Rolled foils of titanium, duralumin, magnesium and elinvar, which are manufactured through proprietary rolling know-how and annealing, are offered without pin-holes and are used for vibration boards. Beryllium copper alloy foils, manufactured through age hardening heat treatment, are used as tough and flat spring materials

Pure metallic foils of molybdenum, vanadium and indium are used for application of electronic equipment and semiconductor devices.
SUS304 foils/ plates are employed in application for monitoring equipment, measurement apparatus and manufacturing tools.

High Purity Materials

For 'Super Metal' (high purity metal), RIKAZAI is always ready to ship 99.99% pure aluminum and titanium foils/ plates. RIKAZAI can offer foils of oxygen free iron and high purity nickel for trial manufacturing and research after processed customer supplied materials through RIKAZAI's expertise.

Standard Product Offerings

Standard size foils/ plates of titanium, beryllium copper, nickel chrome, nickel, etc are in stock and ready for shipment.
Titanium foils of 0.0008mm through 0.0050mm in thickness, manufactured by RIKAZAI's exclusive expertise are also in the menu.

Please refer to table of standard products.


Rolled foil for precise shim


Titanium/beryllium copper rolled foils


Beryllium copper standard plate


Duralumin Vibration Board


Standard Product
TP270C t0.003x100x300

Materials and Product Size

RIKAZAI can offer foils/ plates of various materials in various required thickness, and is
willing to ship for single foil/ plate order.
Please feel free to inquire about your requirements.

Material Titanium, Beryllium copper, Nickel chrome, Nickel, Stainless steel, Molybdenum, Constantan, Permalloy, Magnesium, Vanadium, Tantalum, Monel, Invar, Elinvar, Inconel, Gold, Silver, Copper, Phosphorous bronze, Brass, Aluminum alloy, etc 
Thickness 0.0005mm(0.5μm)〜1.00mm
Dimensional tolerance
Special tolerance
Standard Products、±10%

less than ±2%
Standard Size
(Width x Length)
Special Sizes

25mm x 25mm, 30mm x 30mm, 50mm x 50mm, 100mm x 100mm, 100mm x 300mm

Width:25mm 〜 100mm, Length: 25mm 〜 300mm