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Since Rikazai's founder devised theory of rolling and produced ultra thin foils through implementation of its theory in 1947, RIKAZAI has produced and delivered high quality precision-rolled foils and plates of various metals to our customers in aviation, aerospace, semiconductor, electric/electronic. precision measurement equipment, industrial equipment/ instruments industries.
Further, based on expertise of precise metal rolling technology, RIKAZI offers metal processing solutions including plating, responding to customers' requirements as a partner in research, trial manufacturing and production.
@ "RIKAZAI" for Metallic Foils/ Platesh, we are confident that we can deliver our ebest of breedf solutions to fully satisfy our customersf requirements and needs.

President & CEO
Yoshio Komuro

Company Information

Company Name RIKAZAI CO.,LTD.
Headquarters §211-0011
1810-7 Shimo-numabe, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
Foundation 19 November, 1947
President & CEO Yoshio Komuro
Capital 20 Million yen (as of April,2015)
Business Area Manufacturing and sales of precision-rolled metallic foils and plates, and precision processed (photo-etching, pressing, etc) products. Manufacturing and sales of mica foils and plates, and of processed products


Nov. 1947 Company founder Junichi Akiyama (first president of Kanto Special Steel, Inc.) established Rikagaku Zairyo, Inc. in Kugenuma, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa.
Oct. 1951 Presented the theory of thin rolling at the Autumn Metals Academy and, on advice of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry(MITI), presented foil products at the All-Nations Metals Conference held in Detroit,USA.
May 1955 Produced vibration boards for RFD (Jointly developed by Rikagaku Zairyo, Fuso Metal Ltd. and D for Duralmin) acoustical devices and employed by Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo, Inc. (Presently, SONY Inc.)
Mar. 1957 Received order through Sumitomo Trading, Inc. for re-rolling of beryllium copper alloys from Sumitomo Metal Industries, Inc. and exclusively took orders for finish-rolled thin plates and coils.
May 1959 Head office and plant completed in 1810 Shimo-numabe. Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan
Aug. 1960 Produced beryllium alloys and titanium at a thickness of one micron meter (0.001mm) and supplied sample products to clients.
Feb. 1965 Started business with US customers and exported metallic foils to USA.
Apr. 1967 Produced and marketed titanium and other foils at 0.0005 - 0.0006mm thickness.
Aug. 1971 Started to supply metallic foils to West Germany.
Jul. 1984 Completed expansion and reconstruction of head office and plant. Installed 20 high rolling mill (guaranteed thickness of 0.003mm) produced by Sundwig of Germany and operations started in September.
Jul. 1985 Concluded contract with Chinese customers and supplied titanium foils to China.
Mar. 1986 Produced and marketed coils as thin as 0.001mm with 20 high rolling mill.
Sep. 1987 Changed company name to RIKAZI CO.,LTD. on the 40th anniversary of the foundation.
May 2003 Awarded 'Certification of Green Partnerf bySONY Corp.
Dec. 2004 Awarded eCertificate of Green Activityf by CANON Inc.
Oct. 2005 Qualified and received ISO14001:2004 certificate.
Jun. 2011 RIKAZAI was awarded of ISO14001:2004 certificate continuously by Bureau Veritas Japan.
May 2016 Construction of new office/ factory was completed and operation re-started.

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