Voices from Our Customers

『We had faced with the situation in the past that our metal foils supplier for vibration boards suddenly ceased their business and we had been at a loss.
Then, we decided to purchase metallic foils from RIKAZAI. We collaborated with them from materials selection to thickness specification definition for our needs.
We had very hard time since our selected metal was very hard to be rolled to foils but after both companies’ devoted efforts RIKAZAI could produce high precision rolled foils without pin-holes by utilizing 20 high rolling mill. We are very happy to manufacture our excellent products with RIKAZAI’s foils.』

(Measurement instrument maker A company)


『We are fully satisfied with precision of fine panel thickness delivered by RIKAZAI and appreciated RIKAZAI’s proposal for metal processing and introduction of other vendors. Also, short delivery time and reasonable pricing to respond to our requests helps us very much. We expect RIKAZAI’s efforts on further improvement of quality.』

(Parts maker M company)


Voices from Customers