Environmental Management


ISO14001(JIS Q 14001)

Certificate of Green Partner

Certificate of Green Partner

RIKAZAI established Environmental Management System in Oct., 2005, based on ISO14001:2004 and pursues environment conscious business activities.

Basic Policy for Environment

RIKAZAI recognizes that environment issues threat sustainability of natural resources and human life while global economy grows and technology develops, and to realize 'Low Carbon Society' RIKAZAI promotes business activities to produce high quality solutions with minimum resources and energy.

Commitment to environmental conscious business activities

  1. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations
  2. Aggressive promotion of environmental activities with activities plan deployment and its periodical management review
  3. Implementation of key environmental activities
    1. Promotion of production yield improvement by implementing quality and process improvement
    2. Promotion of saving electricity through the year
    3. 'Green Procurement/ Sales’promotion through environmental information gathering and proposal activities to customers and partners
    4. Promotion of re-use and re-cycling under strict management of waste separation and disposal
  4. Prevention of environmental pollution through continuous improvement of EMS(Environmental Management System) and its enhancement
  5. Improvement of employees' understanding of 'Basic Policy for Environment' and employees' awareness of environmental consciousness
  6. This 'Basic Policy for Environment' is made publicly available so that partner companies can collaborate with us to achieve our objectives.

April 1st, 2016


President & CEO

Yoshio Komuro

Environmental Activities

Receiving Inspection of Restricted Materials

Receiving Inspection of
Restricted Materials

Small lot Production

Small Lot Production

Clean Activity

Cleaning Activity

1. Environmental Conscious Solutions
  • Implement environmental quality management from procurement of materials to product shipment.
  • Small lot order at unit of 1 piece can be accepted to avoid wasting useless materials.

2. Saving Resources/ Saving Energy Activity
  • Implementation by all employees and activity improvement by their ideas and suggestions.

3. 3R (Reduce/ Reuse/ Recycle) Activity
  • Reuse of packing materials and collection of materials usable through recycling.

4. Clean Activity
  • Cleaning of office and neighbor area before working time every morning by all employees.