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RIKAZAI continually challenges to seek infinite 


 in metal processing and forming 

technologies, required in such various fields as 


 aerospace, electronics, energy and 


RIKAZAI's Metal Processing Technology

RIKAZAI's proprietary metal rolling expertise, along with various metal precision processing, responds to all sorts of customers' needs/ requirements.

Metal foil production in Rikazai


RIKAZAI plans to exhibit our technologies like foils of Ni-Ti shape memory alloy, Nb-Ti ultra thin foils, pure Mg foils at COMPAMED 2019, which will be held in Duesseldorf, Germany on 18-21 Nov. 2019. COMPAMES is the international leading trade fair for Medical Technology.
RIKAZAI produced foils of Ni-Ti based shape memory alloy under technical guidance from Tokyo Institute of Technology and starts to sell. For this offering, Rikazai was awarded KIP(Kanagawa Industrial Promotion Center) prise and KNBC (Kanagawa New Business Conference) prise at Kanagawa Business Audition 2019.
RIKAZAI will participate in "The International Industrial Fair 2017 KOBE", nominated by Kanagawa Industrial Promotion Center.
RIKAZAI's new office/ factory was comleted to be built and operation started. Customers' acceptance for inconvienience during construction is highly appreciated.
RIKAZAI deals in non-magnetic austenitic stainless steel sheets and foils, containing manganese, since 2014. This steel, while showing higher corrosive resistance than SUS304, is not magnetized thru rolling and bending process, and therefore would be recommendable for part application in electric devices/ equipment which require non-magnetic characteristics.
0.01mm thick metallic foil of NbTi alloy was successfully produced thru cold rolling and shipped to our customer. NbTi is known to show superconductivity(R=0) under extremely low temperature environment(9.3K/-263.9℃) and used for superconductive cable and superconductive magnet.
RIKAZAI was successfully awarded continuation of ISO14001:2004 certificate by Bureau Veritas Japan. RiKAZAI intensively pursues environment conscious business activities.
RIKAZAI produced and shipped precision-rolled Hastelloy C22, at 0.050 mm in thickness. Hastelloy is Ni-based alloy with Cr and Mn content, and shows strong corrosion resistence in a severe environment wherein hydrochloric acid corrosion and/or sulfuric acid corrosion occur.
RIKAZAI produced and shipped cold rolled gadolinium(Gd) foils in thickness of 25 microns in January,2014. Gadolinium is known to be used as magnetic materials and for contrast medium in MRI(magnetic resonance imaging).
RIKAZAI HP was revised to add Chinese pages.
RIKAZAI Home Page was renewed to reflect latest offerings.
Company brochure was renewed.Briefing of proprietary metal rolling technologies with precise metal processing may help customers to understand RIKAZAI's offerings.
RIKAZAI was granted by CANON Inc. RIKAZAI's efforts to satisfy criteria of CANON Green Procurement Standards.
RIKAZAI was continuously awarded 'Certificate of Green Partner' by Procurement of SONY Corp.