Solutions & Services

Precision Processing

RIKAZAI can propose best precision-processing solutions to satisfy customersf needs and deliver high quality value added products.

Laser Beam Machining

RIKAZAI provides with capability to satisfy various customersf needs about
size and thickness. Short delivery time even for large lot size can be achieved.


Special Laser Processed Product

Special Laser Processing

Stainless steel foils and titanium foils (0.01mm through 0.1mm in thickness)
up to 300mm(W) x 1,000mm(L) can be offered without burrs on cross section.

0.035mm holes in diameter and 0.02mm wide slit were processed for 0.01mm thin SUS304 on trial.

Laser Drilled Product

Laser Drilled Product with Slit


Photo-etched Products

Photo-etching Process

RIKAZAI boasts of our capability of extremely precise photo-etching process, primarily made to RIKAZAI's precisely rolled metals, to produce various shapes customers requested. Photo-etching of titanium foils is recommended for ultra thin shim of several micron meters in thickness.

SUS304 Wire EDM Processed Products
SUS304 Wire EDM Processed Products

Drilled Products

Wire EDM

Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) is process to remove part of materials by rapidly recurring current discharges between electrode and materials, which is primarily used for hard metals like precision metal mold. With this machining process RIKAZAI provides with capability to make 50 micron meter tiny holes successively in micron fine metallic foils. Also, in case of single hole, 5 micron meter hole in diameter can be made.
We are happy to offer this technology in response to your needs. Please feel free to inquire about your requirements.

SUS304@Specular Finished Products

SUS304@Specular Finish Products

Specular Finish

With lap grinding process, surface roughness of less than submicron meters
can be achieved. Mass production capability enables various applications in semiconductors and mechanical parts.

Materials and Sizes for fabrication

Thickness & Size

@ Special Laser Processing Photo Etching Wire EDM
Materials Ti Stainless Steel Ti Stainless Steel Aluminum Alloy
Thickness(mm) 0.01`1.0 0.01`1.0 0.002`0.009 0.01`0.1 0.2`0.8 0.2`1.5 0.2`1.5
300 x 1000 300 x 1000 100 x 350 250 x 350 600 x 750 220 x 320 220 x 320
Materials Aluminum Alloy Copper Aluminum Alloy Stainless Steel Copper Iron Copper
Thickness(mm) 0.01`0.1 0.01`0.1 0.5`1.0 0.3`1.0 0.05`2.0 0.2`1.5 0.2`1.5
100 x 350 100 x 350 600 x 750 800 x 1000 200 x 500 220 x 320 220 x 320
Specular Finish
Ti Stainless
0.1`1.0 0.05`1.0
120 x 120 200 x 200
Precise Drilling Process Precise Slit Process
0.01 0.01
ƒ³ 0.1
ƒ³ 0.05


  • Wide SUS304 foils of 0.01mm through 0.06mm in thickness are available at every 0.005mm.
  • Process size may vary, depending on available materials.